Grit and Grace Life is a community of real women who came together to help others live their real life. We aren’t here to tell them how to be perfect or amazing or that they even need to be. We don’t think women have to wear a cape or a crown. We are writing to share our wisdom; what we have gained because we have lived it. We believe by helping other women navigate each day, tackling all things big and small, they will discover your strength.

We are single, married, single again, mothers and daughters, working inside the home and out. We have had relationship failures and successes. Motherhood trials and joys. Workplace frustrations and fulfillments. We help tackle the everyday problems, as well as the tough stuff. Unified in building our purpose and growing our faith.

With honesty and vulnerability, we will support, guide, offer help and hope by sharing insights from our journeys. We are here to live life together as strong women encouraging those who want to be.

If you are one of these women who have a passion for writing, with a story to tell, a faith to share, insights and encouragement to offer we may be the place for you.

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This Grit and Grace Life’s goal is to invest in the lives of other women.  It is our desire for the “older” women (those who have gained life experience) to truly teach the “younger”. As a part of a transparent community, we are willing to talk about the fun parts and hard parts, addressing every area of life we face. Our discussions are honest and vulnerable. We are women who hold our faith dearly, but we seek to speak in words that communicate broadly, as those who closely follow Christ to those who may not. We desire to create a bridge between women secure in their faith and others finding their way.  At the end of each article, we want our readers to have gained real-life help that will encourage them in their Grit and Grace life. 

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In Life & Culture, our goal is to help women walk through all of life with grit and grace. We want to encourage them through hardships, like suicide and loss, by sharing the wisdom we've gained through our own experiences. How to handle the shifting culture, current topics, and trends. We also love light, fun topics—like funny things all women do, gift guides, upcoming movies, and other subjects that are culturally relevant.

In the Relationship category, we will cover all relationships—from dating and marriage to friendship, family, and single life. Our goal is to help women with their difficult relationships by offering advice from our own life lessons and also professional insight through supporting articles and research. Of course, we want to celebrate the positive, life-giving people in our lives and encourage our readers to be this type of woman also.

Motherhood is a place where all moms—of every age and every stage. We believe motherhood can be mastered no matter where you find yourself, single, married, one child or an SUV full. We are looking for practical advice, how-to's, relatable stories, and encouragement for one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

A woman's purpose is multifaceted. It can be displayed in her career, relationships, motherhood, and through her faith. It is also so much more than the exterior accomplishments it is also what lies within—her strength of character and drives to fulfill her greater purpose in the world. We'll also highlight companies and organizations we admire for making an impact and encourage women to partner with them in a variety of ways. Women can change the world and here we discuss how.


Our Faith category focuses on introducing women to the source of our grit and grace. Here we will share about our personal relationship with God and how he can be found in everyday life. In this category alone, each article should include at least one bible reference. Please know that if there is not a reference included, one will be added during the editing process.

 "HerStory of a Grit and Grace Life" is a place to tell our stories, revealing the challenges we have faced, the hurts we have walked through, and the healing we have found.  These submissions should be written in biographical form telling of a part of a woman's life. Each article should contain a beginning, middle, and end with a resolution to encourage others.

Types of Submissions:

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