The Grit and Grace Project is a place for strong women and those who want to be. We understand that enduring life’s difficulty is not the same as transforming it into opportunities for growth. We are currently adding contributors to our online magazine who share their life experience; draw from their education and talents portraying this grit and grace life through their writing and photography. 

If you would like to be considered as a writer for The Grit and Grace Project, please click here to read the writer guidelines prior to completing the submission application. Guidelines for photography and illustrations will be found below in art submissions. 


  • Guest submissions and regular contributors
  • Individual articles and/or multi-part series in the categories below
  • Photography submissions


  • The Grit and Grace Project was created to be a place of encouragement; please avoid submissions that are political in nature or critical of others, being sensitive to and respecting the diversity of our readers
  • Articles should include research and statistics as appropriate to the subject.  Please provide citation for each resource
  • Accepted submissions will be edited as needed by the editorial staff.  Words or phrases, such as grit and grace, may be added to assist us in search engine optimization (SEO) helping new readers discover our site
  • Submissions that reference photos from other news sources should include citations (either the original hyperlink and/or the source/person to credit)


  • Art/photography should be submitted with artist or photographer credit line.  Please include a link to the artist’s portfolio or previous work and current website if available
  • By submitting you are ensuring us that the image is your personal intellectual property. A signed waiver must have been obtained for all subjects within photographs that are submitted

Please fill out the form below if you'd like to become a writer for The Grit & Grace Project. All articles submitted will have a 120-day exclusive from posting date. Team writers will be required to submit a minimum of one article per month. Please indicate below whether you are applying for team or guest. 

In Life & Culture our goal is to help women walk through all of life with grit and grace. We want to encourage them through hardships, like suicide and loss, by sharing the wisdom we've gained through our own experiences. We also want to make women laugh while we discuss light, fun topics—like funny things all women do, gift guides, upcoming movies, and other subjects that are culturally relevant. 

We are seeking submissions in the following areas:
  • POP CULTURE / Articles that engage in commentary about current TV shows, film, books, or songs/albums and its focus on women
  • ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS: Books, Music, TV & Film, 
  • NEWS / Current issues women are facing, not just in regards to their gender but to the world at present day
  • WOMEN'S PORTRAYAL IN MEDIA /  General commentary, no specific political stance, just an overview of women's issues/coverage
  • INSPIRING WOMEN / Roundups or commentary on women in literature, film, historical women or modern day

   In Health & Beauty we will share the obvious tips on makeup, fashion, hair, etc., but we our focus is on the woman as a whole, discussing every aspect of inner beauty, self-care and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Woven in will be articles on our nature and the character traits that create our real beauty.

We are seeking submissions in the following areas:

  • PERSONAL REFLECTIONS / Life stories on personal beauty, body image, and overcoming negative beliefs or stereotypes
  • REVIEWS/TUTORIALS / Hair and makeup reviews, videos and/or photo and written instructions
  • SEASONAL / Roundups of beauty trends, such as seasonal hairstyles, color palettes
  • HEALTH JOURNEY / Articles documenting your personal health journey, issues you have faced and conquered
  • NATURAL BEAUTY / Clean eating, clean beauty and more natural options
  • SEXUAL / REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH / Reporting and/or personal reflection on topics including fertility, sexual assault, infertility, miscarriage, infidelity 
  • MENTAL HEALTH / reporting and/or personal reflections (topics we've covered in the past include suicide and the affects of being trafficked in the sex trade)
  • INNER BEAUTY / A woman of grit & grace has beauty that never fades, articles need to include human worth, value, identity and focus

In the Relationship category, we will cover all relationships—from dating and marriage to friendship, family, and single life. Our goal is to help women with their difficult relationships by offering advice from our own life lessons and also professional insight through supporting articles and research. Of course, we want to celebrate the positive, life-giving people in our lives and encourage our readers to be this type of woman also.

We are seeking submissions in the following areas:
  • THE OPPOSITE SEX / Communication between the sexes
  • DATING / Those have never been married, those dating after divorce, dating with children 
  • SINGLENESS / The single-woman life, how to deal, personal experience and attitudes towards singleness at any age
  • MARRIAGE / Building strong marriages, with strong foundations
  • NEGATIVE RELATIONSHIPS / Commentary and statistics surrounding being in a poisonous relationship (prefer commentary for dedicated psychologists/counselors)
  • INTERVIEWS / Interviews with couples and their experiences, statistics on lifelong relationships

Work & Money focuses on every aspect of a woman's career life, whether she works remotely, in an office, or at home as a mom. We'll also address all areas of her finances, from ideas for a cheap girls' night to tips on how to achieve financial goals like building credit, reducing student loans, and buying a home.

We are seeking submissions in the following areas:

  • TIME MANAGEMENT / Work-Life Balance / reporting, personal reflections
  • FOCUS / Goals in the workplace / 
  • BOUNDARIES / Relationships in the workplace / personal reflection and experience, statistics and reporting
  • GOALS / Climbing the corporate ladder, savings goals, financial strategy, personal life planning
  • STRATEGY / Making plans and following through with them to reach your career and financial goals

Motherhood is a place where all moms—of every age and every stage—can read some practical advice, funny stories, and simply receive some encouragement.

We are seeking submissions in the following areas:
  • PERSONAL / Sharing our hardest moments, greatest triumphs and everything in between, your journey in parenting
  • HOME / Tips for how you manage your home, encouraging play in children, specific resources for your child's needs
  • WAHM / Personal stories and/or news commentary of women handling the balancing act of work and motherhood (appreciate specific viewpoints from entrepreneurs)
  • LIFE HACKS / Managing toddler meltdowns, middle school hormones, rebellious teens and everything in between

In our Purpose category, we will talk about what makes a woman beautiful on the inside—her strength of character and drive to fulfill her greater purpose in the world. We'll also highlight companies and organizations we admire for making an impact and encourage women to partner with them in a variety of ways. Overall, we want to inspire women into positive action.

Our Faith category focuses on introducing women to the source of our grit and grace. Here we will share about our personal relationship with God and how he can be found in everyday life. In this category alone, each article should include at least one bible reference. Please know that if there is not a reference included, one will be added during the editing process.

Photography guidelines:
We are always looking for photographers and illustrators who are willing to let us feature their existing work (with credit) alongside our articles. We prefer lifestyle photography, and would rarely have need for a staged portrait of a single woman or family. Take a few minutes to review our site to see the kind of photos we tend to feature.

  • We would like images of women of all ages and races, however our images often feature women who appear 25-35.
  • We would like images of single women, couples, groups of women, children and mothers with children. 
  • We would also use still life photos of modern spaces and desk layouts and coffee images.
Please include a link to your online portfolio and/or social media profiles, so that we can see if we'll be a good match for your style. By submitting you are ensuring that the images are your personal intellectual property. 

The Grit & Grace Project